What Do We Offer

Manual & Auto Vehicles

Both manual and auto vehicles are practiced at Perera Learners. Depending on the type of the license required by the student, the instructions are provided.

Professional Instructors

We have a set of well experienced, skillful and highly professional instructors who really keen on the service to instruct the students.

VIP Services

The students who require special attention and special time for the learning process can ask for VIP services at Perera Learners.

Brush-up Courses

This course structure helps the students who have previously experience in driving vehicles or who actually can drive to be more smooth and skillful in the road.


The lectures within the classroom help the students to get through the written examination of RMV while gaining the knowledge of road signs and symbols.

Free Transport

We provide free transport for the students who face the examinations and trials in the RMV in the relevant dates.